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fire alarm - YouTube min - 21 Jun 2009 - Uploaded by Gr8bhagwan
This is a fire alarms working model... work on the basis of heat changing in area... u can make it by using a tube light starter,a buzzer,an ...

  1. How To Make a Water Gun Alarm Clock - YouTube min - 4 Feb 2008 - Uploaded by Howcast
    Thanks for watching How To Make a Water Gun Alarm Clock! If you enjoyed this video subscribe to the Howcast YouTube channel! ...
  2. Water Level Detector - Video min - 23 Jul 2008
    How to make Water level detector. Watch Video about Water,Level,Detector by
  3. How to make a water alarm clock | Video « Wonder How To min - 18 Jun 2010
    Make a water alarm clock |► You will never be late to school again once you begin using this small yet super powerful water alarm clock.
  4. water flood alarm system interface program - YouTube sec - 12 Oct 2009 - Uploaded by Elamin008
    water flood alarm system interface program. Elamin008 5 videos ... can i geta copy of your software to know if their a coming flood in our ...
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    DAMS :

    1. Working model of Hydrorlectric dam - YouTube sec - 26 Feb 2010 - Uploaded by coolrack
      This video is sponsored by .Taken at G.N.M.H.S Velachery,chennai .To make this dam Thermocol of fridge,lcd ...
    2. working Dam - YouTube sec - 26 Mar 2009 - Uploaded by arjunsinghbisht20
      this is a working dam model showing flow of water with the help of electric motor, this was made by arjun and tanvi thakur in the kiit college. ...
    3. Working Model of Dam-Atoll, Fourth Video‏ - YouTube min - 12 Nov 2008 - Uploaded by cliffwirt
      Working 1 to 100 scale model of Dam-Atoll, the ocean wave energy extraction device.